About us

"Children are the future."

Littleones means “little children”
Children are the hope of the future.
We named it to support children in any way possible, no matter how small.
We emphasize to put our hearts and minds to the word “Little”.
As an organization, our name "Littleones" may not sound tough.
However, we believe "one small step" will surely lead to a better tomorrow.
“Just a little something new”, “a little something we can do”,
and “a little bit of positivity”
We believe that this power of LITTLE will be the ones to move the world.

NPO Littleones is an organization that supports single mothers and fathers mainly in the Tokyo area.
Since becoming a non-profit organization in 2010, we have committed to supporting single mother and their children in their lives, such as through holding monthly events and social gatherings.
We offer consultations from all over the country, but mainly in Tokyo.
We are happy to be a little helper for single mother and their children.
We help connecting various industries such as NPOs, companies, communities, government agencies, and universities to create a “little” new system to support single mothers and children.
Littleones will always be a “little” helper for children and their mothers/fathers.

Our Activities

Three Pledges by Littleones

We are committed to supporting single mothers and fathers with the following pledges.

  1. 1Provide mothers with employment, information,
    housing support, and emotional support

    If we can prevent parents from being in poverty, then children can move out of poverty.
    Once mothers become healthier, have a stable job, and have enough time and money to raise their children, their children will also live with peace of mind.
    We provide opportunities to improve single mothers’ skills for future employment, such as demonstrating how to do better makeup and teaching interview skills. We will also help find basic housing such as apartments, condominiums, and shared houses.
    We offer an advice any time and an easy access website for information.

  2. 2Provide children with "hands-on" activities

    Using the Internet has made educational opportunities fair to every child. However, economic disparity has created unfairness when it comes to "hands-on" activities.
    We will eliminate disparity by supporting every child in having equal opportunity to participate in “hands-on” activities.
    With this in mind, we have established Japan's first scholarship specifically to those who participates in extracurricular activities.

  3. 3Raise social awareness of children’s poverty

    Children are the hope of the future. Solving child poverty will lead to a brighter future for Japan. We need to spread the message that child poverty exists in Japan and encourage people to invest in the future of our children.
    With support from corporations, we will assist with independent single mothers’ way of life.

Three Pledges by Littleones

Our Way of Support
Accompany with each single parent to support
with various ways in resolving issues

Littleones is here to help single mothers until they no longer need our support and help.

Littleones is a winner of World Habitat Awards 2018

Littleones is a winner of World Habitat Awards 2018

World Habitat Awards – organised in partnership with UN-Habitat – recognise and highlight innovative, outstanding and sometimes revolutionary housing ideas, projects and programmes from across the world. Find out more

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